The Grandest Canyon of Them All

We made it to Florida! We are officially on the home stretch of this trip, both in time and mileage. We’ll be back in Pennsylvania by next week! This week will be spent with family outside of Orlando, hanging out, relaxing and taking a trip to Universal Studios to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

But this isn’t about Florida. Today is about the Grand Canyon.

I know plenty of people who have visited the Grand Canyon. They’ve all come back plenty of gorgeous pictures and stories about their time there, making me incredibly jealous. When planning this trip, I knew we were going to have to stop there. Three National Parks in two days? Sign me up!

But none of the planning and stories really prepare you for what it’s like when you actually get there.


It’s a 40-something mile drive off the highway just to get to the park entrance. I think this stretch served one major purpose (other than you know, to get you to the canyon): to build anticipation. There’s not really much to see before you get to the park entrance. Even then, it’s not like your magically dropped into the bottom of the canyon. You still have to park the car, get past the visitor center and walk to the edge.

I was very antsy by the time we finally parked the car. Antsy enough that I considered leaving Ryan at the visitor center when he wanted to take a minute and read information about the park.  There are some really cool exhibits to see, if you have the patience for them (which I did, after I saw the Grand Canyon in real time).

When I finally pulled Ryan to Mather Point and we pushed through the crowds of people and got to the edge, it was incredible. Everyone else just faded into the background, it was just us standing there. We just stood there, looking all around us in awe.



We didn’t do much other than take a short hike to get away from the masses of people. We had a campsite to find down in Coconino National Forest. But I’m glad we made the time to get there.

Stay tuned for posts on the great state of Texas!

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  1. I have to agree. All the pictures in the world will never really give you the same perspective as in person. It’s the same when we go to Zion National Park to hike. We have over 3000 pictures and not a single one takes my breath away like being there in person.
    If you enjoyed the Grand Canyon you must add Zion National Park to your list of places to explore. And please, make an effort to get out of the vehicle and hike a ways into the canyons/mountains. You will not be sorry you did.

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