Edinburgh Castle: One Castle, Many Views

It’s been pretty rad living in Edinburgh for the last six weeks. There’s culture everywhere, epic nature within city limits, crazy awesome history to learn AND I can walk everywhere. What’s not to love, right? I love all of the architecture and  friendly people. But my favorite thing about living here is that quite often when we’re out walking, I look over and see Edinburgh Castle sitting on top of it’s rock.

It gave me chills when I first saw it. Even now, seeing it multiple times in a week, I’m still usually in awe and ask Ryan to take a moment with me and just look at it.

This isn’t my usual post, full of interesting history and little details. Rather it’s a visual love letter to one of my favorite parts of the city: Edinburgh Castle.

There are still many places in the city we have yet to explore. I’m 100% positive that I’m missing some great shots of the castle. But I noticed a trend in all of the photos that I’ve been taking: I have a ton of pictures of the castle from almost every day of being here.

I’m not going to share all of them, mostly because they’re different angles from the same locations. But I wanted to share a few of my favorites so far. I’m sure by the time we leave I’ll be reposting this with even more photos of one of my favorite castles.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Getting up close and personal:

Edinburgh Castle From Up Close and Personal
I’m not the biggest fan of being up close to the castle, mostly because of the amount of tourists. But it’s still gorgeous.

From Craigmillar Castle to Edinburgh Castle:

Edinburgh Castle From Craigmillar Castle
Can you spot the itty, bitty Edinburgh Castle?

Seeing the castle from Arthur’s Seat:

Edinburgh Castle From Arthur's Seat
Seeing Edinburgh Castle from Arthur’s Seat is a must-do in Edinburgh.

Check out the view from upper Grassmarket:

Edinburgh Castle From Grassmarket - Upper
Edinburgh Castle from Grassmarket. It’s one of the most charming views!

Edinburgh Castle is just as pretty from lower Grassmarket:

Edinburgh Castle From Grassmarket - Lower
Standing at the base of Edinburgh Castle, looking up.

A stunning view from Museum of Scotland:

Edinburgh Castle From National Museum of Scotland
Edinburgh Castle as viewed from the top of the National Museum of Scotland.

My favorite view, from Salisbury Crags:

Edinburgh Castle From Salisbury Crags
One of my favorite views, Edinburgh Castle from the Salisbury Crags

An interesting view of Edinburgh Castle from Greyfriar’s Kirk:

Edinburgh Castle From Greyfriars Kirk
When you visit Greyfriars Kirk, be sure to snap a picture of the castle from this angle.

Saying hello and goodbye to travelers at Waverley Bridge:

Edinburgh Castle From Waverley Bridge
What a greeting for guests coming to the city via trains!

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the castle all over the city. It stands so proud over Edinburgh. It will definitely be something I miss once we’re gone, but I’m sure some of these pictures will find their way into our future home!

Do you have a favorite part of your city? A certain building or neighborhood? Maybe a park or other green space! I’d love to hear what you love!


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  1. Totally jelly of this. Sure, people can have views of water everyday but who can say they have a view of a castle? Just a marvel to look at.

    I’m also in love with your upper Grassmarket shot. The stairs! 😍

    1. Right??? But the Olympics at sunset… It’s also hard to top that view.

      The upper Grassmarket photo is definitely going to be framed and placed in a strategic spot that I can see every day when we finally settle down.

  2. Weird how I’ve been to Ireland multiple times but have never been to Scotland…I definitely need to stop there and see this castle! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. You have to check out Scotland! It’s my favorite place in the whole world, and I really do believe everyone should get there at least once in their lifetime!

    1. Oh no! I don’t want to make you homesick! I’ll miss the castle when we leave here as well. I’m already dreading it slightly!

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