31 Days of Everyday Adventure: Week One

31 Days of Everyday Adventure

When Shelly from The Goal List told me about her plans for 31 Days of Everyday Adventure, I immediately wanted to sign up. Not only a good friend of mine, Shelly also runs a bucket list blog that has given me plenty of inspiration with my own bucket list. Her idea was to create a challenge for her followers and friends to complete little bucket list items every day. The challenges aren’t anything too crazy, just really fun stuff that sometimes pushes you out of your comfort zone.

“Every day can’t be an amazing bucket list travel adventure, but we can choose to be a little adventurous every day.”

I love this! I love the idea of making every day a little adventurous. We might be travelling full time right now, which in and of itself is you know, a pretty darn big adventure. But there’s something special about taking a few moments of your day and doing something extraordinary.

The best part? You don’t need to hop on a plane and go somewhere to do any of it!


So what was on the menu for this week?

It’s important to note that with our nomadic lifestyle these days it can sometimes be hard to complete each challenge. For instance, some days we’re hiking in the mountains of Romania in November, which doesn’t really lend itself to picking flowers. On days like this I can’t complete the task, but I try to complete as many a week as I can. 

Tuesday, November 1 – Start a gratitude list!

I’ve been journaling since before I can remember, but I’ve never had a gratitude list before. You know I have so much to be thankful for – Ryan, my parents, my good friends. My cousin who always makes a point to Skype us even when we’re 10 time zones apart. My adorable grandmother and wonderful aunt and uncle. The fact that I’ve gotten a college education, I can vote, and that I have some incredible opportunities and rights… I could go on, but this isn’t my actual gratitude list.

Once I started it was hard to stop, which is a sign of a pretty fulfilling life.

You should create your own gratitude list! Mine is only a few days old, but I’ve been looking at it every day. It’s an instant mood booster.

Wednesday, November 2 – Give a flower to a stranger!

Do you know how hard it is to find a flower to pick in Transylvania in November?

Let me tell you… It’s hard. Impossible, even.

I was unable to accomplish this task, simply because I literally could not find any flowers.

31 Days of Everyday Adventure
I suppose I could have made a bouquet of leaves?

Thursday, November 3 – Make a bucket list, even if it only has one thing on it!

Thanks to Shelly, I’ve already created a bucket list. I’ve added a million and three things to it in my head. I need to get better about updating it. And you know, trying to complete things.

I’ll add that to my list – ## Complete bucket list!

Just kidding.

Friday, November 4 – Ask your friends for feedback on something you do well!

Truth bomb right here: this was hard for me. I hate any sort of activity that requires me to be the center of attention (stop laughing, mom). Asking for feedback on myself brings on a rash and hives and I break out into a sweat and then I’m not fit for company for at least a week. What if no one has anything good to say about me? What if they can’t think of anything I do well?

So I knew I had to do this one.  I had to face it head on. #beyourownhero and all that. Some of the responses I got:

  • “You’re a great planner.” Everyone I asked actually told me this. It felt pretty good.
  • “You’re very thoughtful.” Aw shucks, I try. I really do try!
  • “You’re funny. Well, sometimes your jokes don’t make sense to me, but you always laugh.” Because I’m a comedian, KAREN. GOSH.
  • “You’re witty.” See Karen?? I’m WITTY. You are such an animal, Karen. **FYI: I don’t actually know a Karen.
  • “You’re a super awesome listener and problem solver.” This one actually made me squeal with delight and blush a little bit.
  • “You’re very organized.” Office Depot and Staples are my jam. Color coding, filing, refiling… I am an Office Lady at heart.
  • “Your cooking and baking.” It feels like forever since I baked, so this one might be up for debate. 
  • “Keeping in touch.” The friend who told me this is waaaaaay better at it than I am, so this made me feel really good.
  • “Forging your own path.” This came from the same friend as above. I’ve hit the friend lotto, that’s for sure. 

To say this was a success for me is an understatement. I strutted around our Airbnb like a peacock in a brand new pair of sunglasses after hearing all of this feedback. That’s a thing, right?

Saturday Nov 5 – Be a tourist in your home town! 

I haven’t been home since June, so I can’t really be a tourist in my hometown right now.


This has been something that Ry and I have been discussing pretty extensively. What will life look like when we “settle” down in Pittsburgh? Although we plan on continuing to do long-term trips around the world even after we have a home base, there’s still so much to discover in our hometown. When we get home we plan on exploring our city with a brand new pair of eyes, since we haven’t really been back in three years.

I also think it would be cool to get involved somehow with tourism in the Burgh. After taking all kinds of interesting tours around Europe, the ideas for walking tours, food tours, ghost tours and so much more are rattling around my head like candy in a half-empty pinata. Someone hire me so I can create tours for everyone else to discover Pittsburgh!

It’s not too late to sign up for The 31 Days of Everyday Adventure!

Head here to find out more information and to join me. This week has been really fun, and for the most part the challenges weren’t hard to complete.

You should sign up and do this challenge with me, then we can discuss how awesome we are together. Or you know, you can sign up and realize how great it is to celebrate every single day.


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  1. What a great idea! This 31 days of adventure sounds like so much fun. A gratitude list is always great to have, and I cracked up at your “Ask your friends for feedback on something you do well!” section 🙂

  2. Great post and I hear you about those awesome tours and really connecting to your own home town / discovering more everyday. That can be just as fun as the world tours in its very own way!

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