31 Days of Everyday Adventure: Week Four

31 Days of Everyday Adventure

Hello everyone! It’s time to talk 31 Days of Everyday Adventure!

Every day in November I’m completing a challenge given to me by Shelly from The Goal List. These challenges are small and unique tasks that are designed to enhance your every day! They’ve been helping me (and fellow participants) engage the world in a new way. I’ve been doing things (almost) every day that I wouldn’t have done on my own. That’s what is so cool about this challenge.

Where has the month of November gone?? I can’t believe it’s almost over, which means so is this challenge. Let’s look at what I did for week four!

31 Days of Everyday Adventure

Check out Shelly’s recap post from last week to see what everyone else has been up to! She’s recruited some fellow bloggers (Randi at Life’s Simple Adventures and Lara from Lara Krupicka) who are also having fun completing these challenges. Check out their blogs to read more, and then stay because they’re fab bloggers!

Sunday, November 20 – Have your friend plan your itinerary of things to do for the day.

I would have loved to do this challenge full on. But unfortunately we were travelling on Sunday, so I lost about five hours of my day.

I did let Ryan decide what we were going to do in Vienna for our evening. I know it can be hard for people to give up control, but I can do it with zero problem. Or prompting, really. Sometimes I let other people take control of my schedule without even telling them.

When you plan life for a living, it’s really nice when other people do it for you.

Anyway! Ryan decided we were going to walk around, find a Christmas market and find Käsekrainer to eat. It was actually a really pleasant evening!

The Christmas Market in Stephensplatz, Vienna!
The Christmas Market in Stephensplatz, Vienna!

Monday, November 21 – Learn a new dance move. Play your favorite song and dance away!

When I was in college I would have impromptu dance parties all the time with my friends. I remember learning dances and thinking we were so cool breaking out into coordinated dances at parties (spoiler alert, no one ever cared about our hella cool moves).

Since I’m about as hip as no one, I Googled “cool new dance moves” and came up empty handed. So we decided to have a dance party and break out our old favorites and go crazy. There was some great improvising that indeed led to the creation of new dance moves.

But I’ll spare you the details. My dancing is simply too glorious for most people to take.

Tuesday, November 22 – Meet someone new and strike up a conversation.

Every week we have one day where we stay inside all day and work like the complete bosses we are. That and I need a day where I can stay in my PJs and not put on makeup and make myself look presentable. I have found it’s the best way to avoid burnout.

This week with Thanksgiving we had to stay in on Tuesday for last-minute virtual meetings before everyone left for the week. So the only people I talked to were people I know.

Wednesday, November 23 – Do something that makes you a little afraid.

So ever since we decided to hit the road, we’ve been doing little things quite frequently that make us a little afraid. It’s part of the reason why we left home three years ago for Seattle – we were to complacent. So whenever something makes me a little afraid I try to do it anyway. Life is too short, amirite?

Thursday, November 24 – Learn how to say “thank you” in another language.


With all of the travelling we’re doing, I’ve learned how to say hello and thank you in quite a few languages. Croatian, Romania, Slovakian, German, Italian, and Spanish. But who’s counting!

Friday, November 25 – Pick a controversial topic and learn about both sides of the topic.

To be honest I was too busy with Thanksgiving fallout and finding to learn about anything. I also feel like I’m still trying to learn about Donald Trump, who is controversy defined, and why people have voted for him. I think that works for this challenge.

Saturday, November 26 – Invent a game with friends.

This was a busy day. We had to pack up, leave our bags at the train station, go explore and then come back to the train station for an overnight train to Venice. I just didn’t have the brain power to worry about creating a new game. Perhaps next week!

It’s been a busy week for me! I’m excited to do the last few challenges next week!

It’s not too late to sign up for The 31 Days of Everyday Adventure!

Head here to find out more information and to join me in this challenge! I can personally vouch for how fun, as well as rewarding, it has been this week! Check out my post from last week, and let me know if you’ve done any of the challenges so far this month!

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’ll see you later this week!


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  1. This sounds like fun, and I like that you don’t feel stressed if you can’t get it done – you do the challenge if you can, but if it’s just impossible, well, that’s how it is, and no stress.

    1. You should! At the end of the challenge you’ll get every single day’s activity, so you can catch up on what you might have missed earlier in the month!

  2. I’m going to try this in December 🙂 I like the idea of meeting someone new and striking up a conversation – definitely something I haven’t done in a long time.

    1. You’ll have to let me know how it goes. When I complimented a stranger (a challenge from earlier) it went surprisingly well. After I got over my nerves, that is!

  3. Love this challenge! We just moved to a new town and I really should take the opportunity to go and strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know! How fun!

    1. Letting someone else decide was one of the challenge activities I was most nervous about! But it turned out great. If you want to start smaller, do you think you’d be willing to experiment with having someone plan an hour of your day?

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