About the McVagabonds

Meet the McVagabonds

Let’s face it, sometimes travel isn’t always easy and glamorous. But it should always be worth it.

The McVagabonds was started in early 2016 as a place for me to gather all of my research and photos.. A planner by nature, I was spending hours putting together itineraries; I included transportation, historical data, points of interest.

What it slowly turned into was a place for other travelers to find  in-depth information including planning processes, historical data, and destination must-dos. It’s a place to ask questions and gain knowledge. A space that looks at all sides of travel, not just the photogenic, perfect moments. Because there are some parts of travel that are ugly and hard.

This isn’t a space for people who just want to add another mark to their travel check-list. This is a space for people who care about where they’re going.

So tell me, friend, have you ever spent more time reading information boards than perusing gift shops? Have you ever dug into the story behind a place that you’re going to visit before you even got on your plane, train or automobile? You love your top-ten lists and all, but have you ever wanted to know the nitty-gritty details about a place?

Then I think you’ll like it here!

I believe that no matter how long you’re in a place, be it three days or three months, you should never deny your thirst for knowledge. Even if I have just a few hours in a place, I know I can learn something interesting while we’re there.

Meet Susan

So who is behind the McVagabonds? That’d be me, Susan! But my friends call me Suz.

I’m the lady half of a travelling duo. For us, this isn’t just a fancy, permanent vacation (although it might seem like it). It’s a quest to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and become better people.

This blog has evolved from just a travel diary for my parents to read whenever I’m gone (hey mom! hey dad!) into something more. I love to travel, but even more than that I love knowing the history of places. For me, travel just to travel doesn’t work. I want to know why the world operates the way it does. I want to know everything about the places we visit: why they’re important, what we can learn from events that happen there, and how they shaped the world where we live now.

So, from me to you, welcome! I hope you’ll stick around and learn something new with me!

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