Embracing our new favorite tradition: the Christmas market

Embracing the Christmas Market experience!

This year it seems like my Facebook feed is full of Scrooges, and it’s really ruining my buzz, you know? I don’t know if people literally can’t embrace their Christmas spirit or it’s now the cool thing to hate on the holiday (did I miss that memo?) but I’ve decided to combat it the only way I know how: by cranking up my own holiday intensity to a 20 out of 10! That means singing Christmas carols to Ryan while he works, drinking hot beverages out of my festive mugs and begging to watch a different holiday-themed movie every night. It also means embracing my newest and most favorite holiday tradition: the Christmas market.

I remember when people were a bit shocked that we were travelling around Europe in the winter. This right here is reason #1 out of, well, a  lot.

In all seriousness, we went to our first Christmas market a few weeks ago while we were in Budapest. To say I was magically overwhelmed was an understatement. The lights! The smells! The sights and sounds! I had to make Ryan just sit with my for thirty minutes until the sensory overload ebbed and I could continue on. And the best part is that every city we’ve been to has had their own version of a Christmas market(s). I’ve been to a few and every single time they get better.

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