A McVagabond’s Guide to Liverpool

Guide to Liverpool

It’s official, I can’t hide it any longer: Liverpool is one of my favorite cities. We’ve visited a ton of really great places over the last year, but not a single one has left me feeling the way that a weekend in this English city has. It’s a delightful combination of all of my favorite aspects from my favorite cities! The city has a really great vibe, and you can feel it from the moment you step out of the train station. It’s hard to describe, which means you have to get there in person.

We spent a weekend taking in as much of the city as we could, from a game in Everton to an afternoon stroll along the River Mersey and stopping in to a couple of museums. Check out what we did, and hopefully I can convince you to add Liverpool to your dream destination list!

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A Journey to England to See Hadrian’s Wall

Happy August, everyone! I swear time flies faster and faster every year, and this year feels worse than others. Today I want to share the last stop on our tour into the Scottish Borders. We ended our Heart of Scotland Tour at Hadrian’s Wall, the part that I was most looking forward to when the day started. It wasn’t just because of the numerous Donald Trump and Game of Thrones jokes I was able to make (which was a lot, I’m a regular comedian). Before we left I had looked up pictures of the Wall, expecting it to look like a miniature Great Wall of China. While it didn’t quite live up to those expectations, it was still a pretty great addition to our trip.

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