How I learned to deal with travel burnout

How I learned to deal with travel burnout.

I gotta be honest with you and admit that this post has been hard for me to write. It wasn’t hard to find the words to express my feelings, I mean I can always find words. The hard part was taking the very first step and admitting that I’ve fallen victim to today’s post topic: travel burnout. It left me feeling like a complete failure. Am I a bad traveller? Am I doing something wrong? Other people travel for years and don’t feel this way. It’s only been a few months! No one wants to admit to travel burnout, but many people have experienced it. 

We’ve been on the road since May. With only a brief two week stop at home, we’ve been in a new place for the last five months. We’ve been experiencing new cultures, new languages and new foods. I’ve had to make a new home for us in four different cities at this point. It’s been exhilarating and awe-inspiring and so, so hard.

I had been feeling pretty bummed out for the last month. I was sick with what felt like the flu, tired of mapping out yet another new route for our travels the rest of the year and feeling like I wasn’t getting any sort of nutrition from the crap diet I was eating. After spending hours trying to figure out how we were ever going to leave Romania and getting nowhere, I finally had a breakdown. I realized that I was feeling some serious travel burnout, and I needed to do something immediately before I threw my hands up and booked a ticket home.

I’m happy to say that I’m just on the other side. It’s not easy to power through burnout, but it’s comforting to know that I have an arsenal of tools to help me continue to fight it.

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