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The same as every other platinum trophy – gain all the trophies below to unlock this one.

You can do this on any race / track you’d like, but the best way is to do it is in a constructors’ challenge. Depending which bike you are trying to unlock and therefore riding, they build up their Turbo bar in different ways:

You will know when the boost bar is full because it will glow white and a ‘whoosh’ sound will play. Once the bar is full simply wait for a straight or a part of track you feel comfortable with and press and hold   to use up all of the boost. Alternatively, using it directly after you crash is a good idea since you’ll cover less distance when using it all.

There is another even easier way to unlock this, it’s best done when you are cleaning up if you need it. At the start of any race immediately switch to your Roadster. Do wheelies until you fill up your boost and then press and hold   to slow down while holding   to use all the boost. Even though you’ll stop and inch backwards slightly, it still counts as using all your boost. I was able to unlock the trophy with a second account online this way.

See  Short and sweet    for important information regarding Championships and unlocking this particular Championship in 70 races or less.

This is the only missable trophy in the game. It is important to focus on this trophy alone when playing the tournament through the first time. You need to gain access to the Victors’ Championship in a maximum of 70 races. The perfect path, which you will need to shoot for and is detailed below, is a minimum of 67 races. This gives you a 3-race margin for error. However, there are only 3 Championships where slight error is permissible so it is important to stick to the plan below. You can come back to do everything else later, get this trophy out of the way as soon as you possibly can.

You can do any of the races in a Championship in any order, with this in mind I recommend avoiding any races involving Cosby Coast and Kotoma Port where possible (the lack of broken road makes for unpredictable AI) and also avoid Mount Joy where possible too (the AI can be a little overpowered in this race and frustrate you). You will know a race has been completed because it will be shaded white in the Championship overview.

Now, there are also constructors’ challenges to deal with during your path to this trophy, as you cannot play the next championship until you have unlocked and purchased the relevant bike, so I have accounted for switching back to those below.

One final note, the game autosaves at the credit award screen. You can quit to the XMB / close the Application if you aren’t happy with your race performance, which is the safest way to replay a race and not affect this trophy. Your last opportunity to quit like this is on the Kudos award screen. You can possibly replay races that you have already completed, but I cannot personally verify this as I didn’t take the risk.

The Victors’ championship should now be unlocked in between 67-70 races and the trophy will pop.

If for some reason you missed this trophy – perhaps you messed up, or Google has brought you here – you can wipe your game progress from within the game itself. Do that by going to Main Menu > Options & Extras > Data > Delete Progress. Hopefully you will never need this information.

This trophy will not come before  Short and sweet    because for that trophy, you need to get the minimum Kudos possible to advance to the next championship. It will come during the gold medal cleanup later on. There is a total of 163,000 Kudos available over the tournament mode, and you’ll acquire the Kudos for this trophy naturally during the gold medal clean-up.

There are 27 missions to complete in the game, they can be viewed by going Main Menu > The Club > Missions. Some of them have multiple tiers, some not. Contrary to what the trophy description suggests, you must complete every mission and every tier. On top of this, you can only make progress / complete the 3 missions that are currently available to you. You can see these in the pre-race selection screen or even better, when you press pause (  for PS3 or   for PS4) during a race, as this screen will show your progress.

With that in mind, if you come across a mission which isn’t cumulative and won’t come naturally (finish last in a race for example) then get it out of the way. However, only do missions like the one I just mentioned if you are in the clean-up stage, or if you’d prefer to do them earlier, via quick race at Main Menu > Races > Quick Race. Once completed, there’s a chance a more desirable mission will become available, for instance jumping 30 ramps.

Also, the next mission won’t be available immediately. You’ll need to finish your current race and get the credits associated with the mission before the next one appears.

From the Main Menu go to ‘The Club’ and then ‘Constructors’ Challenge’. There are 19 challenges total, and you’ll be doing 9 of them anyway on your way to  Short and sweet   . The remainder are best left until after you have gotten that trophy, so you don’t waste credits on their buy-in prices, plus they won’t all be available until you make tournament progress.

You’ll be given the bike you want and a lap time to beat. In my view the majority are easy, and just a couple can be tough. On most, it’s harder to beat the time on the first lap since you have to start stationary, on the grid. The best tactic is not to have accidents, don’t bother slowing down, and try to build up boost as follows:

In my opinion the most efficient way to use the boost is directly after a crash, or pretty much any time when you aren’t at top speed. If you notice your top speed is 157 mph for example, use the boost to get back up to this speed. Using it to get over broken road (since you cannot swap bikes in this mode) uses a lot of boost quickly, and in any case, the target lap times account for this slowdown so don’t waste the boost. Also, if you know you are past a part where you usually crash, use the boost elsewhere to help get to the end quicker.

This will come naturally on the way to  Short and sweet    since you need to buy 9 bikes to unlock all the championships, plus you own 3 at the beginning anyway.

Before doing this trophy you’ll unlock  Constructors’ pet    first, see that trophy above. Next you’ll need to buy all of the bikes by going to the Main Menu, then scrolling to ‘Motorcycles’.

There are 22 bikes altogether, costing a total of 373,500 Cr, and their costs and information are as follows:

There are a total of 119 gold medals in the game, so you need to get every one of them. A gold medal is achieved by placing first in BOTH rankings: race position and stunt points.

In conjunction with  Short and sweet   , you should be aiming for gold medals anyway in the races you do take part in. However, this particular trophy should be ignored otherwise until that one is out of the way. You will get this at step 2 when you have nothing missable to fear.

Races are simple enough. On the races with broken track (denoted with red sections on the pre-race map and your HUD) you will be able to swap to your custom bike to get over these quickly. The AI cannot switch bikes, thereby giving you a massive advantage. On other hand, there are some tracks with little or no broken track and these are the most annoying to win, since the AI can navigate some bends at full speed without penalty, although they do tend to slow down too much at simple corners too. However, a few tries and a little practice will be all that is required to win the race in these cases.

Stunt points are fairly easy too. In the races with little or no broken track it can be a little tough as the AI are much better here and you won’t get so much space, but as long as you ensure you hit a few jumps and skim past the walls, as well as pulling wheelies and driving through rings where possible, you should win this ranking comfortably. It is even easier on the majority of tracks where you will build up a hefty lead – for these simply make a focused effort to keep combos going, and also switch to your custom bike; while it isn’t the fastest, it keeps a ‘top speed’ combo going for a long time, and you can alternate wheelies, jumps and near misses in order to rack up the combo and therefore, points.

This trophy, along with  Jackpot   , is impossible to miss. You get awarded credits at the end of every race based on your performance and mission progress, as well as setting a record lap time or speed on at least your first visit to each track. As an example, it will likely come early on in tournament mode, as some of the missions are 3000 credits alone, on your first visit to a track you will have set a record lap time and speed for a lot of credits, and if you get the gold medal you’ll have maximum credits for this too. On top of this, the final 3 Championships will award in excess of 5000 credits for getting the gold medal. Hence, you will get this trophy without trying specifically for it.

This is another credit-related trophy which will come naturally. This will come during your gold medal clean-up. Credits are earned for a plethora of activities including completing missions, track lap time and speed records, race performance and stunt rankings, and completing championships.

This trophy is cumulative so you do not need it all in the bank at once.

For this trophy you’ll need to earn at least 400,000 stunt points in one race. This may sound like a lot but you can rack up points quite quickly and easily if you can get a good multiplier going. The best track is one that you feel comfortable with and preferably has a good mix of ramps, rings, and straights for wheelies, close calls and top speed points. Also, the best bike for points is the custom bike, since it goes slower so is easier to control, and awards easy top speed stunt points. Try not to hit anything as doing so will be the biggest detriment to your points tally.

A sure fire way if you are struggling is the Kotoma Port track, this has a nice section near the end with a series of 4 ramps and rings. If you can use the custom bike to approach this and already have a top speed streak going, followed by jumping over all these then doing a close call or wheelie directly afterwards, you will rack points up quickly on each lap. Maintain close calls and a wheelie up the hill to the next set of ramps if you do miss a couple or ramp / ring combos.

With all that said, this is potentially a trophy that you will achieve naturally, and will not be any problem in the end. The hardest part is contending with the game’s poor controls.

From the Main Menu go to ‘The Club’ > ‘Customization’ > ‘Outfit Pattern’. Press   on the D-Pad and the trophy will pop.

From the Main Menu go to ‘The Club’ > ‘Customization’ > ‘Helmet Pattern’. Press   on the D-Pad and the trophy will pop.

This refers to stunt points within a race. You’ll need to rack up a lot of points while keeping a good multiplier going. As with  Stuntman   , the best way is to do it on a track you have a good feel for, otherwise try the Kotoma Port track and use the method of going over all 4 ramps while keeping a combo going either side of them. Remember though, once you work out that you roughly have enough points, do not hit anything so that the multiplier runs out and registers your combo; hitting an object will reset your multiplier and cost you all your points.

This will almost certainly come naturally in a longer race with a lot of broken track, as the AI don’t have the advantage of being able to change bike, therefore they are slowed down significantly by either their bike or the broken track. To try specifically for this, make sure you go full speed around the track and only change to custom when it’s necessary, changing back to superbike at all other times.

This is an extremely luck based trophy, as even with careful planning, it’s hard to get such a small margin between two bikes at the finish.

With that said, there’s a decent chance you’ll get this naturally in a race with little or no broken track, because the AI are actually decent in these races and will catch you at unfair opportunities. Indeed, I acquired the trophy when an AI came up blisteringly fast behind me and practically smashed me over the finish line.

If you do struggle, pick a track where you are comfortable with the layout and preferably some broken track near the finish to slow the AI down, then lay in second place and go side by side at the finish, using a little boost at the death if necessary. Alternatively wait for the AI as close as you can to the finish line and edge over when you can see him approaching, making sure not to go too early.

Finishing first in the two rankings means you must finish in first position in the race, as well as being first in the stunt point rankings. This is the combination of things you must do to earn a gold medal, therefore this is sort of a prequel to  It’s a start  ; the description may as well say ‘Earn one gold medal.’.

You will definitely get this in your first playthrough without much effort at all. For tips, see  Perfectionist   .

This trophy is the direct opposite of  Ace   . It can be done on any track, pick one that is short to save time. Don’t risk this while attempting  Short and sweet   , as you may jeopardize your progress towards that and potentially cost yourself hours in the process.

Finishing last is the easy part of the trophy. Simply let everyone else set off and be on your way. This will ensure you finish last in the race position rankings.

The second part will need a little care, you will need to make sure you don’t do any jumps, drive through any rings, don’t go fast, don’t wheelie and just generally avoid doing stunts of any kind. Crash into the wall if you accidentally start building points. Hopefully you will be terrible enough to be even worse than the worst AI, finish last in the stunt rankings, and unlock this trophy.

I was unable to unlock this online despite meeting the requirements so it is an offline only trophy.

This sounds much worse than it actually is. The tracks that you find good for  I’m back!   will also be great for this trophy. An accident is defined as when the screen goes to black and then fades back up with a red tint, with you starting again in the middle of the track. Pick a longer race, preferably one with broken track to help your chances of catching up to the pack / keeping your substantial lead. When the race starts you can keep immediately turning into the wall, or you can get a lead and start crashing if you’d prefer. Either way, count 10 accidents and then go on to win, and the trophy will pop.

It’s not worth attempting this trophy on your  Short and sweet    run in case you don’t actually win and mess up your progress.

Go to the Main Menu then Races> Time Trial. There are 20 tracks to complete, all you need to do is complete one lap of each track to register a time, and then quit out. The tracks are as follows:

There is no indication that you have completed a lap so you’ll need to keep track.

Note that there is a possibility you don’t even have to complete a lap; I completed 1 lap on the first 19 tracks then I quit number 20 as soon as I had control of the bike, and the trophy popped. You may be able to start and then quit for all 20, however I have not tested this since I used the laps to chip away at missions. Try it at your own risk.

This will come naturally as you should be doing wheelies fairly often anyway to get stunt points, and the longer the wheelie the better. However, if for some reason you need to try for this trophy, any constructors’ challenge is the best place to do it. At the start line, hold the throttle down ( ) and pull back on the  . You’ll launch into a wheelie as soon as you can move and get a 100 meters wheelie with no problem.

You build up a multiplier by doing consecutive stunts without crashing, and in quick succession. You can keep doing one type of stunt to maintain the multiplier, but you must alternate stunt types to build it up. For example, jump > jump > jump will only be X1, but wheelie > jump > wheelie will be X3.

You will likely get this naturally, but it can be tough because any impact with track walls or other riders will reset your multiplier, and doing stunts quick enough can be hard. However if you need to try for it, the best place is the one I have previously mentioned; in a Kotoma Port race. This track has a nice section near the end with a series of 4 ramps and rings. These ramps alone will get you a X8 multiplier, so all you need to do is a stunt before and a stunt after. Approaching on your custom bike may mean you have a top speed stunt going, otherwise near miss the wall, or do a wheelie. Then successfully navigate all 4 ramps and rings, and near miss the wall or wheelie at the end again. This will net you the X10. If you don’t quite do it, maintain the multiplier by doing near misses with the wall and pulling a wheelie all the way up the following hill to the next set of ramps.

This is best done in conjunction with  Record holder   . While in the Time Trial mode, pick a track that you enjoy or seem to do better at. For speed, use Cosby Coast. Now do 25 laps in a row.

If you’d like, you can go AFK by rubber-banding   down, as you will always get reset to the middle of the track and continue on your way. As with most games where you’d try this however, it’s still possible to get stuck, so it’s worth a check every now and then. I found it reliable to rubber-band the   to turn it slightly to the left and soften the blow around the track’s many left hand bends, thus not crashing so often.

The trophy will pop early in your 26th lap so there’s no need to keep counting laps if you’re going to AFK. Just check if you have the trophy every now and then.

This would be simple to do legitimately, but it’s impossible anyway due to the online being non-existent. You will need a boosting partner for this. Set up a private match by going Main Menu > Races > Multiplayer > Create Private Game. Invite your partner with  . Once your partner has accepted the invite and joined, keep completing races until you have done 50. Remember to trade 5 wins in a row for  We have a champion!   ; once that trophy is done, you only need to complete races and not win them for this trophy.

If you’d like to, you can go AFK (of sorts) by rubber-banding :R2: down to complete races. Also, rubber-band the   slightly left to help with getting around the left hand bends and reduce your chances of getting stuck. However, you both still need to press   to keep advancing through the menus and lobby. This would work perfectly if you both had turbo controllers with   pressed down and rubber-banded as above, but I did not have the luxury of trying this.

If 2 dedicated people sat down and boosted this trophy in it’s entirety playing Cosby Coast, and both finished the race with a normal time each, with no breaks, it would take roughly 3.5-4 hours.

This would be fairly hard to do legitimately, but it’s impossible anyway due to the online being non-existent. You will need a boosting partner for this.

Set up a private match by going Main Menu > Races > Multiplayer > Create Private Game. Now invite your partner by pressing   on the d-pad, they will be able to accept the invite at their end, and join your lobby. Now take it in turns to win 5 races in a row. Private races do include AI opponents but they seem to be even worse than they are in single player, so they shouldn’t threaten your progress.

The trophies to reach 180 minutes (3 hours) and 360 minutes (6 hours) of race time will come naturally when going for all other trophies. They will likely both pop before you even have  Short and sweet   , so do not go out of your way to get them.

These generic race time trophies also stack with  Over-connected    if you choose to do the online first. I know this because I used a second account PS3 to boost the online, and the first 60 minutes unlocked that trophy, followed by  Enthusiast    120 minutes later.

This trophy will come naturally before you have achieved  World famous   . Since you’ll be doing 50 races, each race would need to be less than 1 minute 12 seconds long for you to miss this. Of course they are much longer than that as your are forced into 3 laps per race, and you’ll get it fairly early on.

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